Presentation Guidelines

1. Presentation

- Official Language English
- Presentation Time The total time allotted to each presentation is 8 minutes
- Format Video file (MP4) recorded your presentation after sharing the PPT slide
* Please submit both Recorded Video(MP4) and PPT Slide.
- Submission Deadline September 6 (Mon), 2021

2. Recording the presentation

3. How to upload your Presentation File

  • 1. Please upload both Recorded Video (MP4) and PPT Slide to the LMCE 2021 Dropbox link.
  • 2. Click the “+” The VOD File Name: Presentation Code_Presenter’s name (ex. OP01-1_Gil-Dong Hong)
  • 3. Your Name: Presentation Code_Presenter’s name (ex. OP01-1_Gil-Dong Hong)
  • 4. Email address: Your Email
  • 5. Click “Upload”

4. Copyright Transfer Agreement

On behalf of the LMCE 2021 organizing committee, we cordially ask for your permission to allow us to use your presentation file and a film (VOD) for academic achievement and educational purposes, and be offered to the member of KSLM association.

The video will be uploaded to the KSLM website after the congress if we get your approval. Otherwise, it will only be played on-site and available for streaming via the online congress website without uploading.

1. E-Poster

Official Language English
Format - Option 1) Template using the LMCE Background
* Please download and use this template. (MS-PowerPoint)

- Option 2) Template using free Background
Slide Size 16:9
Number of Slides 7 pages are recommended (Maximum 10 Slides)
First Slide The followings must be included on the first slide of your file:
Title, Presenter’s Name and Co-author's Names, Affiliation and Country.
Video Files Video and Audio must not be included.
Submission Deadline September 6 (Mon), 2021

2. Upload your E-poster file

Step 1. Please convert your slides into the PDF.
* clicking “File”-> ”Export” -> then select “PDF format”-> click on Save
Step 2.
1. Click the “+”
The PDF File Name: Abstract Code_Presenter’s name, (e.g., A-000000_Gildong Hong)
2. Click “Upload”